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Noted difficult woman Catherine McCormick brings you conversations about feminism, sexuality, comedy, art, relationships, mental illness, and whatever else comes up.
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  • January 11, 2015 @ 10:44 pm

    Crazy on You with Megan Griffith-Greene

    In this episode I talk a little bit about being ENGAGED and how I will not be a part of the Wedding Industrial Complex. I also have a lovely and wonderful conversation with Megan Griffith-Green. MG-G is all kinds of things. She's a fact checker, a word nerd, a news lady, a trivia leader and she does not like Beck. We cover this and much more over the course of our chat, that carried on well after the mic was put away!

    Follow me on Twitter @McCormCorp, Megan is @GriffithGreene. Don't forget to subscribe to Box Social on iTunes and/or Stitcher give us a nice review!
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